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Friendship Day x Food Helpers


Jun 26, 2024

Join us every Wednesday for Friendship Day because everything is better with a friend. Bring a guest and don't get your corners clipped on your membership ALL DAY!


We believe that friendship is an experience that is built between close bonds, laughter, and shared experiences like enjoying a great meal. Unfortunately 18,800 of our community members here in Washington County are food insecure. This year we are proud to announce that Pine Cove is partnering with Food Helpers "Home of the Washington County Foodbank" to fight hunger and food insecurity in Washington County - our home. For every canned good you bring* we will take $1 off your total guest admission. 


Rules for canned goods 

  • Canned goods must have an expiration date past September of 2024
  • Cans cannot be dented 
  • Cans must have labels

Please note that rejected canned goods will not count towards $1 off guest admission